Inaugural Edition Published in 2005


Faculty Adviser
Dr. Joseph Stern

Justin C. Rhee
You, Jong-Sung

Managing Editor
Carrie LaCrosse

Senior Editors
Myung Cho
Jules Delaune
Hye Kyung Kim

Editorial Staff
Joe Buzzella
Kyu Chong (KC) Choi
Eric Ciliberti
Chris Egan
John Hahn
Yoonsun Han
Miya Kang
Jong Joo Lee

Rosemary Marotta
Liz Montoya
Mike Rigas
Woong-Ki Sohn
Logan Stanton

Larry Verbiest

Humphrey Wong

Katherine Yoon

Part I:  Leadership, History and Democracy

Young Leadership and East Asia by Kim Dae-jung
Pioneers, Controversies, and Paradigm Shifts: Seo Jaepil, Ahn Changho, and Syngman Rhee by Jacqueline Pak

Part II:  North and South

“Beyond the Six-Party Talks” by Ban Ki-Moon with discussants Nye, Carter, and Allison

The United States and South Korea: An Alliance under Stress by Donald Gregg

“Nuclear Questions in the Korean Peninsula”: An Interview with Stephen Bosworth by Justin Rhee, Jong-Joo Lee and Rosemary Marotta

Navigating North Korea’s Healthcare Crisis by Bryan Lee

The Complexities of Korean Reunification by Younglim Lee and Clyde Croswell

Part III:  Growth, Women and Education

Roadmap of Social Solidarity:  Growth with Distribution by Lee Joung-Woo

Women’s Policy Agencies in South Korea, 1946–2002 by Won Si Yeon

Decision Making in Special Education by Seungah Lee and Yuri Kim

Op-ed:  Ultimate Goal of Six Party Talks by Go Jin Hwa

Op-ed:  Crisis of Self-Torture: Psychotherapists Needed by Lee Won Jae

Book Review:   ‘Building Six-Party Capacity for a WMD-Free Korea by Schoff, Perry and Davis’ by Eugene Yoon